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About iVetData

Vet's Digital Companion

Register your pet's identification in iVetData Database for a comprehensive solution to track and prove the ownership of your pets linked to licensed Vets locally and globally!

iVetData links database to Vets' own CRM solution accessible anywhere and anytime in a secure cloud-based environment!

  • Easy Creation and Access to Pet Records
  • Customer Management System
  • Complete privacy for Pet Owners
  • Automatic Revenue and Inventory Control

Now everyone can enjoy comprehensive shared Pet Database Nationwide and Worldwide searchable by Pet Microchip ID with Public result consists of Pet‘s Name, Vet’s Name, Clinic Address, and Contact Detail.

Only a licensed Vet registered through this website can verify Pet’s ownership and to access basic level historical Pet's medical condition for more comprehensive diagnosis!

Our Services

What we offer


Vet can enjoy cloud-based CRM to record all of their customer’s data and medical records searchable by Microchip / Name.


Vet can enjoy the digital invoicing via our Payment Gateway Channel, with auto-generated receipt that can be sent to customer’s email directly.


Vet can connect with each other through our Vet Forum that allows Vets to discuss various different topics related to their business.


Vet can order imported products from us such as Pet Microchips, Pet Scanners, Pet Medicines, Pet Health Machines via digital supply request.